Beyond Engineering 

At Regal Eagle, we have identified the importance of foresight in engineering. Will do not just look to now, but we look beyond. We take projects into the future and we also press our clients to consider thinking about the maintenance and lifespan of their assets. In reality, the initial cost of a project can be small in relation to the cost of maintenance, so good decisions from Regal Eagle will benefit your project.


Agricultural Difference

Regal Eagle can assist farmer increase their productivity as we can design agricultural facilities for food processing, building structures for storage, mapping and designing irrigation systems, and crop management. In addition to this we will been releasing peripherals and mobile applications to remove monitor each individual system.


For Investors

Risk Managed

We hand pick our investment based on the skills and experience that we already posses within our highly skill team of individuals, this puts you as the investor in a place of comfort knowing that you hard earn funds are being put to the best use.

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Regal Eagle Infrastructure Fund

We hand-pick our investment to bring maximum benefit to our shareholders. The goal of this fund is to actively fund growth in private developments in Africa, and abroad.

15% funded

Regal Eagle Infrastructure Fund

15% funded

Regal Eagle welcomes all who have an appetite for calculated risk at returns exceeding current market growth.  We are able to achieve this because we are an organisation focused on reaching our strategic objectives internationally.

This fund is for the purpose of raising investment for a specific infrastructure projects around the World. Donors/Investors are advised to attend specific events running in the years 2022 – 2023 to learn more about the projects, how investments will be used and return rate before investing.

Your investment may be at risk.

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Long Term

Our strategy always look for long term sustainable growth, and a stable income. This comes at the expense of short term growth and a long capital appreciate target. Your capital is at risk.

Featured Projects

Elay Eyokun, Lagos

EngInC a Regal Eagle subsidiary which is an abbreviation of Engineering Infrastructure, will own and operate a choice development in the epicentre of the tumultuous city of Lagos. It will develop a selection of 3 and 4 bedroom adjoined houses with modern and advanced living in mind.

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Femi Akintola

Femi AkintolaLead Engineer

Engineers of the Future

The future development of Africa should not be determined by waiting for Western engineering experts to proffer solutions to... read more

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