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Choose Regal Eagle this Winter

This winter season, start making your plans to get that home improvement you need completed in time for next spring. Now is the time, to get the plans drawn up and hire the engineer to view your project so that it moves smoothly from inception to completion. Our engineers are available during the weekdays and weekends at a time that suits you.

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Regal Eagle Infrastructure Fund
8th September 2023

Regal Eagle Infrastructure Fund

We are developing our own fund to direct resources at projects in Europe and beyond to help improve the built environment and achieve our long term global objectives.
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Featured Projects

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Sherringham Avenue, Tottenham Hale

A residential owner occupies a residential building on the street which required structural alterations. Various structural works were to be done as a refurbishment of the property. This changed the internal layout and opened up space in the building.

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The Continuing Expansion of Murtala Muhammad Airport
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