Advisory Board

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Technical Advisor

As a non affiliate advisor to the Regal Eagle establishment, I use my skill and experience to help guide this organisation to reach its strategic goals. I have a technical background in engineering, and I know the leadership team very well. This is a very ambitious business and I believe in will do well in the long term.

– Callum

Growth Advisor

My function is to explore way in which Regal Eagle can keep growing its business functions and reach in a changing environment. I look across regions and geographies to develop plans.

– Jeremiah

Legal Advisor

I offer advice to Regal Eagle to keep it from infringing upon the rights and territories of other business. Regal Eagle want to keep away from unnecessary business dispute, but expect other businesses to deal in a fair manner.

– Ebenezer

Media Advisor

I assist Regal Eagle carve out a neutral approach to all exterior issues outside of Regal Eagle’s mission. Regal Eagle’s mission is to make advancement through research and development.

– Eastern

Fiscal Advisor

It’s extremely difficult to achieve your business goals without the proper funding, so my goal is to suggest ways to obtain and maintain adequate funds.

– Charles Olutola


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