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We welcome all offers of collaboration from Architectural Designer and Technicians. We believe that our blend of skills and talent can offer our clients the highest level of spatial design with the greater efficiencies of verification from the knowledge of our engineers.


Giving insightful information into the irregularity of building structures can sometimes miss the eyes of even the most highly trained and experienced engineers. That is why at Regal Eagle we welcome the joined efforts of Surveyors on our projects, as well has been able to use the services of an engineer to plan remedial solutions.

Building Contractors

On occasions we meet with client who want us to take they plans from the granted planning permission to a completed building structure. They are not too concern about the effort made design each structural element. When this happens we will want to engage our contractors to complete various sections of the physical build.


We need competitive suppliers to vendor with us, as we offer our clients a very economic services. We often need an array of services from laboratory testing to plant hire.


We are always analyst new opportunity in an effort to find possible ways to grow. We understand that education is the most prominent way to expand the scope of our business. So, we welcome chance to further train our employee, and secure new talent.


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